Trigger Point Dry Needling

Trigger Point Dry Needling as an Effect Treatment for Shoulder Blade Pain:


Although there can be various causes of shoulder blade pain, one very common cause is a trigger point or cluster of trigger points in the rotator cuff muscles or the muscles that lay over the shoulder blade.  These muscles are commonly strained from prolonged postural stresses (sitting/computer use) contributing to forward shoulder position, excessive or unaccustomed over head use (wall/ceiling painting or wall paper removal), and heavy lifting.  These activities may cause an already weak muscle to have to strain to complete the activity and instead of just allowing the arm to give way the muscle develops tight bands that can become irritated and painful.  Treatment for these tight areas may include massage therapy techniques, heat/ice, acupressure, and Kinesiotaping.  These are all great techniques, but work over time whereas trigger point dry needling gets directly to the issue.

Trigger Point Dry Needling is an extremely effective technique that uses small, thin needles to deactivate and reset tight or knotted trigger points in muscles.  When inserted into these areas, the needles elicit a “twitch response” or brief contraction followed by an immediate and long-lasting relaxation of the muscle.

Chronic pain sufferers are amazed to experience relief immediately and those with limited range of motion demonstrate significant gains in function and pain free movement instantly.

TDN has the unique ability to establish a painless full range of motion, offer pain relief and increase strength at the time of treatment.  


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